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  • 3M Post-it Table Top Easel Pad/Dry Erase Board 563-D3

    Code: 3M02977
    Pack size: Each

    3M Post-it meeting chart/dry erase whiteboard 653-DE. All-in-one table top easel pad and portable whiteboard ideal for meetings on the go. Includes a 20 sheet 50 x 58cm white pad with repositionable adhesive that sticks to most smooth surfaces.
    GBP 3M02977 40.35 £ 40.35 Inc. VAT £ 48.42
  • Bi-Office Earth-It Flipchart A1 Pad Plain 40 Sheets 55gsm FL0111801

    Code: BQ55181
    Pack size: PK5

    Bi-Office Earth-It plain recycled A1 flipchart pad. 40 sheet pad made from 95% post consumer recycled content. Features perforations for easy tear off and 55 gsm paper. Fits most makes of flipchart easels.
    GBP BQ55181 80.13 £ 80.13 Inc. VAT £ 96.16
  • Bi-Office Self-Stick Flipchart Pad 635x780mm 30 Sheets White FL128107

    Code: BQ55107
    Pack size: PK2

    Self stick flipchart pad with peel off sheets to stick to the wall or door. High quality paper prevents ink bleed through. Size: 635 x 780mm. 30 sheets per pad.
    GBP BQ55107 99.56 £ 99.56 Inc. VAT £ 119.47
  • Bi-Office Table Top Self-Stick Flipchart Pad 585x500mm 20 Sheets White FL148303

    Code: BQ55484
    Pack size: Each

    Table top self stick flipchart pad with carry handle for easy transportation. High quality paper prevents ink bleed through. Perforated for easy tear off. Size: 585 x 500mm. 20 sheets per pad.
    GBP BQ55484 25.57 £ 25.57 Inc. VAT £ 30.68
  • Bi-Office White A1 Gridded Flipchart Pads (Pack of 5) FL012301

    Code: BQ55301
    Pack size: PK5

    Bi-Office Gridded Flip Chart Pads. Premium quality bleed-proof flipchart pad printed with 25mm x 25mm squares for ease of use. Weight - 70gsm. Size - A1. Colour - White.
    GBP BQ55301 103.94 £ 103.94 Inc. VAT £ 124.73
  • Bi-Office White A1 Plain Flipchart Pads (Pack of 5) FL010101

    Code: BQ55101
    Pack size: PK5

    Bi-Office Flipchart Pads. Brilliant white, plain flipchart pads, perforated for easy tear-off and formulated to prevent ink bleeding through. Weight - 70gsm. Sheets per Pad - 40. Size - A1.
    GBP BQ55101 89.81 £ 89.81 Inc. VAT £ 107.77
  • Nobo 100 A1 Flipchart Pad 34633681

    Code: NB33681
    Pack size: PK2

    100 pages, ideal to keep on a flipchart easel in the meeting room so it will last through a number of sessions. Bleed-resistant paper when used with pad markers. A1 size.
    GBP NB33681 86.52 £ 86.52 Inc. VAT £ 103.82
  • Nobo Flipchart A1 Pad Plain FPA1 Pack of 5 34631165

    Code: NB31165
    Pack size: PK5

    Nobo Plain A1 Flip Chart Pad. Good quality White cartridge paper, up to 30% thicker than many other pads and produced using the lowest chlorine levels. Each pad contains 40 perforated sheets. Size: 813mmx584mm.
    GBP NB31165 159.36 £ 159.36 Inc. VAT £ 191.23
  • Post-it A1 Meeting Chart 775x635mm (Pack of 2)

    Code: 3M71732
    Pack size: PK2

    3M Post-it Super Sticky Meeting Flip Chart White Flipcharts with a difference! Featuring a Super Sticky adhesive strip. Ideal for use in meeting rooms, for training, brainstorming or planning. A1 sheets 63.5cm x 77.5cm. Includes 2 pads, 30 sheets each.
    GBP 3M71732 99.50 £ 99.50 Inc. VAT £ 119.40
  • Post-it Super Sticky Table Top Easel Pad (Pack of 6) 563

    Code: 3M59638
    Pack size: PK6

    3M Post-it table top easel pad sticks to virtually any surface. Just peel off each sheet and stick to the wall. Specially coated to resist bleed through. The unique Post-it- brand adhesive lets you re-position pad. 30 plain sheets per pad. W635 x H775mm.
    GBP 3M59638 189.63 £ 189.63 Inc. VAT £ 227.56
  • Post-it Table Top Meeting Chart White Refill Pad (Pack of 2) 566

    Code: 3M52794
    Pack size: Each

    Strong adhesive, exclusive film-backing & coreless roll for superior performance
    GBP 3M52794 63.84 £ 63.84 Inc. VAT £ 76.61
  • Q-Connect Flipchart A1 Pad Plain 40 Sheets (Pack of 5)

    Code: KF37002
    Pack size: PK5

    Q Connect Flipchart Pads. Quality 80gsm plain 40 sheet flipchart pad, perforated at head for easy removal of used sheets. Punched holes of 442mm centres will fit most flipchart easels.
    GBP KF37002 21.99 RRP:£ 94.92 £ 21.99
    77% Off Inc. VAT £ 26.39
  • Q-Connect Self Adhesive A1 Flipchart (Pack of 2)

    Code: KF37003
    Pack size: PK2

    Q Connect Self Adhesive Flipchart Pads. Quality 80gsm plain 40 sheet flipchart pad, perforated at head for easy removal of used sheets. Punched holes of 442mm centres will fit most flipchart easels. 30 sheets per pad. Pack 2.
    GBP KF37003 58.99 RRP:£ 169.47 £ 58.99
    65% Off Inc. VAT £ 70.79