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  • Nobo Aluminium Grey Telescopic Display Easel Q50E

    Code: NB50000
    Pack size: Each

    Fully adjustable light-weight telescopic tripod display easel for use with cardboard panels, notice-boards, whiteboards etc. Adjusts from 1m to 1.6m. Cross braces hold legs steady. Adjustable display holders lock onto place on legs. Supports up to 12 kg.
    GBP NB50000 117.98 £ 117.98 Inc. VAT £ 141.58
  • Nobo Blue Lightweight Showboard Extra 3 Panel 1901710

    Code: NB15073
    Pack size: Each

    Large format 3 panel display board featuring strong, lightweight panels with 360ยท hinges. Unfolds in seconds, no tools required. Double sided nylon loop fabric suitable for use with Velcro. Blue and grey reverse. Panel size W900 x H1800mm.
    GBP NB15073 874.93 £ 874.93 Inc. VAT £ 1049.92
  • Nobo Blue Mini Desktop Display Kit 35231470

    Code: NB31470
    Pack size: Each

    Double sided display system for desk-top use, optional carrying case (separate item). Consists of a central panel 900mx600mm, hinged to two side panels of 450mmx600mm. Provides a double sided pinning surface covered in high quality fabric.
    GBP NB31470 381.09 £ 381.09 Inc. VAT £ 457.31
  • Nobo Blue ProPanel 8 Panel Display System 1901083

    Code: NB11977
    Pack size: Each

    Nobo Pro Panel 8 Panel. Highly versatile, lightweight aluminium-framed display system featuring unique mechanism for simple and fast assembly. Supplied with a strong carrying bag with castors. Full range of accessories available. Colour - Blue
    GBP NB11977 1373.14 £ 1373.14 Inc. VAT £ 1647.77
  • Nobo Metallic Silver Lightweight Showboard 7 Panel 1901080

    Code: NB11974
    Pack size: Each

    Featherweight display unit for complete portability. Double sided panels covered with fire retardant nylon loop for use with Velcro. Removable clips in the trim lock the two halves together when used as a double tier. Each panel measures 900 x 600mm. 7k
    GBP NB11974 856.25 £ 856.25 Inc. VAT £ 1027.50
  • Nobo Pro-Panel 6 Panel Kit Blue 1901169

    Code: NB12312
    Pack size: Each

    Nobo Pro Panel 6 Kit. Highly versatile, lightweight aluminium-framed display system, now redesigned to cope with the most challenging environments. Full range of accessory products available. Panel colour - Blue.
    GBP NB12312 1036.41 £ 1036.41 Inc. VAT £ 1243.69