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  • Philips 720T Transcription Kit LFH0720T

    Code: PH720T
    Pack size: Each

    Philips 720T Transcription Kit. Cassette based transcription machine featuring auto rewind, LCD tape counter, turbo wind, search, forward and skip functions. Kit includes power supply, foot control and deluxe headset.
    GBP PH720T 1682.77 £ 1682.77 Inc. VAT £ 2019.32
  • Philips Black Pocket Memo Voice Activated Dictation Recorder LFH0388

    Code: PH90640
    Pack size: Each

    Philips Voice Activated Pocket Memo LFH388. Powerful, simple to operate dictation machine. Features record protection to avoid accidental erasure, audible end-of-tape warning and visual battery status indicator. Batteries included
    GBP PH90640 516.53 £ 516.53 Inc. VAT £ 619.84
  • Philips Silver Digital Pocket Memo 6000 Voice Recorder DPM6000

    Code: PH50017
    Pack size: Each

    GBP PH50017 322.29 £ 322.29 Inc. VAT £ 386.75
  • Philips Silver Pocket Memo Voice Activated Mini Cassette Recorder LFH0488

    Code: PH90641
    Pack size: Each

    Philips Voice Activated Pocket Memo LFH488. Advanced, compact dictation machine makes light work of any job. Features fast erase function, end of letter indexing, priority indexing and conference/meeting record option. Batteries included
    GBP PH90641 654.42 £ 654.42 Inc. VAT £ 785.30