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  • Philips Black Analogue Dictation Foot Control LFH2210/00

    Code: PH97809
    Pack size: Each

    Philips LFH2210 foot control. Three pedal design foot control for analogue dictation machines. Functions include: fast rewind, fast forward and playback.
    GBP PH97809 210.12 £ 210.12 Inc. VAT £ 252.14
  • Philips Black SpeechExec Digital Transcription Set LFH7177

    Code: PH96103
    Pack size: Each

    SpeechExec transcription set displays priority index, transcription status, pending, in progress and other job information. Transfer of dictation files via network/email. Complete with headset, foot control, adaptor box and software dongle.
    GBP PH96103 208.09 £ 208.09 Inc. VAT £ 249.71
  • Philips Dictation Cassette 30 Minutes (Pack of 10) LFH0005/30

    Code: PH005
    Pack size: PK10

    Philips Mini Cassette - 30 Minutes (15 Minutes Per Side) Suitable for use with all mini dictation systems.
    GBP PH005 135.96 £ 135.96 Inc. VAT £ 163.15
  • Philips Headset Deluxe Black LFH0234

    Code: PH234
    Pack size: Each

    Philips Deluxe Headset Black LFH234 for use with 710, 720 and 9750 transcription machines.
    GBP PH234 112.48 £ 112.48 Inc. VAT £ 134.98
  • Philips Stereo Headset LFH0334 Black

    Code: PH97464
    Pack size: Each

    A lightweight under-the-chin style stereo headset designed to deliver excellent sound quality, with soft ear cushions for wearing comfort, and a hanging bracket that attaches the headset to a monitor. Complete with 3 metre cable.
    GBP PH97464 35.95 £ 35.95 Inc. VAT £ 43.14
  • Philips Walkman-Style Stereo Headphones LFH2236/00

    Code: PH98404
    Pack size: Each

    Philips LFH-2236/00dual headphones. Stereo headphones for use with all Philips Desktops and PC-based transcription systems.
    GBP PH98404 28.57 £ 28.57 Inc. VAT £ 34.28