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  • AF Isoclene Bactericidal Wipes Tub (Pack of 100) AISW100

    Code: AFI50282
    Pack size: Each

    AF Isoclene Wipes. Ready to use anti-bacterial wipes for disinfecting most hard surfaces. Kills 99.9% of bacteria found on office equipment. Not for use on computer screens. For best results pre-clean the surface.
    GBP AFI50282 21.89 RRP:£ 27.36 £ 21.89
    20% Off Inc. VAT £ 26.27
  • Numatic Vacuum Cleaner Bags For Charles Vacuum Cleaner (Pack of 10) 604016

    Code: HID30555
    Pack size: Each

    Numatic Cleaner Bags for Charles Vacuum Cleaner
    GBP HID30555 17.20 RRP:£ 18.10 £ 17.20
    5% Off Inc. VAT £ 20.63
  • Numatic Vacuum Cleaner Bags For Henry Vacuum Cleaners (Pack of 10) KNI1C

    Code: NU71560
    Pack size: Each

    Waste sacks for use with Tub Vac CPD43159.
    GBP NU71560 7.99 £ 7.99 Inc. VAT £ 9.59
  • Purell Antimicrobial Sanitising Hand Wipes (Pack of 270) 9213-06-EEU00

    Code: BZ20164
    Pack size: Each

    Purell sanitising wipes. Non linting durable wipes textured for superior cleaning. Sanitises hands while wiping away light soiling and dirt. Convenient and easy to use. 270 wipes.
    GBP BZ20164 8.99 £ 8.99 Inc. VAT £ 10.79
  • Q-Connect Wet and Dry Wipes (Pack of 20)

    Code: KF32148
    Pack size: Each

    Q Connect Wet and Dry Wipes. Pre-moistened wet and dry polishing wipes with a non alcohol formula designed specifically for use on all screens including laptops. PDAs and touch screens.
    GBP KF32148 3.89 RRP:£ 10.84 £ 3.89
    64% Off Inc. VAT £ 4.67
  • Spring Cleaning Kit KMAXSCK

    Code: CPD43901
    Pack size: Each

    Spring Cleaning Kit. Contains cleaning cloths, rubber gloves, duster, scourer and a selection of fluid cleaners to clean and freshen the home or office hygienically.
    GBP CPD43901 18.32 RRP:£ 19.28 £ 18.32
    5% Off Inc. VAT £ 21.98