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  • Safescan Banknote Counter/Checker 2250 115-0561

    Code: SSC33283
    Pack size: Each

    Safescan Banknote Counter/Checker 2250. Counts 1000 notes/minute. Quick & Easy to use. Auto Start & Stop function. For all currencies. Alarm when suspected banknote is detected.
    GBP SSC33283 331.76 £ 331.76 Inc. VAT £ 398.11
  • Safescan Mixed Coin Counter/Sorter Euro 113-0260

    Code: SSC33295
    Pack size: Each

    Safescan Mixed Coin Counter/Sorter Euro. Counts sorts and gives exact coins. Currency: Pounds Sterling. With add and batch function. Total quantity and quantity per denomination.
    GBP SSC33295 251.03 £ 251.03 Inc. VAT £ 301.24
  • YCR Grey Coin Sorter and Counter Sterling 113-0568

    Code: YC28059
    Pack size: Each

    BJ-18 Coin Counter. A fast and efficient way to count coins. Accurately counts and sorts 216 coins per minute. Each hopper can hold 300 - 500 coins. Counter stops when coin tray is full. Also bundles preset coin quantities.
    GBP YC28059 223.80 £ 223.80 Inc. VAT £ 268.56