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  • Calculator IR40T Red and Black Ink Roller SPR42

    Code: UP26300
    Pack size: Each

    IR40T Ink Roller Red/Black Aurora 14PD/18PD/Canon MP12D/P15D/P22011/P22DX/ P32DP/Casio FR110/FR110HT/ FR110S/FR120C/FR125/FR125SFR127/FR2215C/FFR2215S/ FR2600/FR320/HR110/HR110S/ HR18/HR88/Citizen CX110/CX115/CX125/CX215/ CX55/Ibico 1212/1215/Sharp EL161
    GBP UP26300 5.69 £ 5.69 Inc. VAT £ 6.83
  • Calculator IR74 Black Ink Roller SPR74

    Code: UP26600
    Pack size: Each

    IR74 Ink Roller Black to fit Casio FR3100/FR3200/Citizen 200DP/201DP/205DP/220DP/ 225DP/Sharp EL1071S/ EL1182A/EL1197/EL2188/ EL219/EL2197G/EL2197S/Texas T15120/T15130/T15132/ T15140/T18210.
    GBP UP26600 6.34 £ 6.34 Inc. VAT £ 7.61
  • Prestige Calculator Rolls 70mmx70mm

    Code: RE03021
    Pack size: PK20

    A wide product roll assortment covering the most popular calculators and adding machines on the market. Single ply. 70mmx70mm (2.75x2.75ins).
    GBP RE03021 28.04 £ 28.04 Inc. VAT £ 33.65
  • Prestige Thermal Till Rolls 57mmx55mmx12.7mm

    Code: RE10468
    Pack size: PK20

    Rolltech Credit Card Machine Roll TH352. White thermal paper. Size: 57mmx39 metresx12.7mm. High quality paper rolls for credit card readers, fully approved by the OEM. Pack of 20.
    GBP RE10468 36.43 £ 36.43 Inc. VAT £ 43.72
  • Prestige Till Rolls 1-Ply 44mmx70mm White

    Code: RE04023
    Pack size: PK20

    A comprehensive range of rolls manufactured to the highest tolerances ensuring trouble free operation on all leading models of cash register machines. Top quality paper provides excellent print quality. Packed 20s. 44x70mm.
    GBP RE04023 19.84 £ 19.84 Inc. VAT £ 23.81
  • Q-Connect Calculator Roll 57x57mm (Pack of 20)

    Code: KF50200
    Pack size: PK20

    Q Connect Adding Machine Rolls, manufactured from single ply, wood free. A quality bright White paper producing a crisp clear image. End of roll warning ensures that you never run out of paper. Size: 57x57x12.7mm.
    GBP KF50200 7.99 RRP:£ 24.55 £ 7.99
    67% Off Inc. VAT £ 9.59
  • Sharp Black EL1750V Mains Adaptor EL-1750V L80EA28L

    Code: SHEA28L
    Pack size: Each

    GBP SHEA28L 12.00 £ 12.00 Inc. VAT £ 14.40
  • Sharp Ink Roller for Calculator EL2195L Red EA781RRD-EA

    Code: SH00649
    Pack size: Each

    Sharp EL2195 Red Ink Roller OEM: EA781RRD-EA
    GBP SH00649 6.03 RRP:£ 7.84 £ 6.03
    23% Off Inc. VAT £ 7.23
  • Stewart Superior Calculator Ink Roller IR40 Black SPR40

    Code: UP26200
    Pack size: Each

    IR40 Ink Roller Black Casio HR100/FR90/FR95/ FR101/ FR510/FR101S/FR2500/ HR150/ Olivetti 700PD/Ibico 1207/1210/1216/Sharp EL1601/ EL1615/EL1628/ EL2617/EL161T/EL1601S/ EL1192S/EL1192H/EL1922S/ Texas T15015/ T15024/ T15027/T120271/T15029/ T15029A/T15030/T
    GBP UP26200 5.35 £ 5.35 Inc. VAT £ 6.42
  • Stewart Superior Calculator Ribbon Black/Red SPR455

    Code: UP26900
    Pack size: Each

    UTS455 Ribbon Red/Black Canon CP1000/3D/8/10/ MP1218/121/141/142/21D/31D/ P1018D/104D/124D/1421D/126/1219D/ Casio DL220/250/ DR1220/1225/1520/ FR7250/ PR101/PR121/PR7200/ Citizen 330DP/335DP/345FP/420DP/CX310/ Sharp EL1630A/2630A/ ER2000/3000/ CS1302A.
    GBP UP26900 2.38 £ 2.38 Inc. VAT £ 2.86